Hey, Protesters: Black Smoke Matters [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Snowflakes R Us and many other groups think it’s fun to block traffic, even ambulances , so naturally some pretty savvy truck drivers with diesel engines devised a brilliant plan to fight such an action, that they call Rolling Coal.  They modify their diesel engines in order to feed more fuel into the engine, which creates a ton of black smoke from the exhaust.

 These Republican truckers are sick and tired of dealing with Black Lives Matter, anti-Trumpers, and liberal snowflakes of all sorts, so they’re taking action with this brilliant new trick that’s dusting leftist protesters across the nation.

It’s called “rolling coal” and it’s a Trump-hating protester’s worst nightmare. It’s a trick where truckers modify their diesel engines to add more fuel into the engine.

This emits a thick black cloud of smoke from the exhaust pipes that works perfect for any BLM thugs, baby-killers, Trump-haters, or any other liberal protesters whining on the side of the road or blocking traffic.

This compilation shows these libs getting exactly what they deserve:

H/T US Herald


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