Here Is The Photograph Of Whoopi Goldberg That Has Her TICKED OFF

Whoopi Goldberg has called out social media users after a photoshopped image of her wearing a “Make America Great Again” shirt that featured a vulgar message for President Donald Trump began circulating online.

On a taping of “The View,” Goldberg defended herself against the fake image, which shows her wearing a shirt with an offensive message for Trump on it, Yahoo! News reported.

The original image showed Goldberg at the Women’s March in January. She was wearing a shirt that read: “AND YOU THOUGHT I WAS A NASTY WOMAN BEFORE? BUCKLE UP, BUTTERCUP.” (Here’s Why A Cell Phone Company Refused To Cancel A Dead Man’s Contract)

The shirt Goldberg wore was photoshopped to feature an image that was reportedly vulgar towards Trump. That image however, was blurred out in the photo shown on “The View.” The photoshopped image also included Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“I need to clear up a lie that was posted online this morning. A photo of me at the Women’s March has been Photoshopped to show me wearing an offensive shirt against you know who,” Goldberg said on “The View.” “Even though I don’t care for this man, I would never wear the shirt that’s there.”

The unblurred photo shows President Trump taking a gun to his head and shooting himself, with blood spattered around him.

Goldberg also had a message for whoever photoshopped the image.

“If you like that, if you feel like the sentiments like the sentiments on that shirt, grow a pair and you wear it. But don’t put it on me,” Goldberg said.

“Every day, half the country despises me, half the country loves me. But you know what? I stand up. You see my face,” she added. “Don’t put stuff on me that I haven’t done.”
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Reactions among social media users were split. While some users cheered Goldberg on for defending herself, others called for her to leave the country.

“Whoopi Goldberg means nothing to the American people,” one person commented. “She didn’t leave like she said she would when Donald Trump got elected.”

“Shes a hypocrite! And not a nice person, dont watch the show never will,” wrote another. “She needs to leave the country like she said she would and take JOY with her.”
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“Sad that there are sick people out their that like making up lies about her!!!” wrote one Whoopi supporter.

“I love whoopi ! She tells it straight ! Go whoopi!” commented another.

“Looks like republicans here, rude bullies,” wrote another observer.

In January 2016, Trump took to Twitter to respond to criticisms by the ladies on “The View,” Business Insider reported.

“The @TheView @ABC, once great when headed by @BarbaraJWalters, is now in total freefall,” Trump tweeted. “Whoopi Goldberg is terrible. Very sad!”

“Joy Behar, who was fired from her last show for lack of ratings, is even worse on @TheView.,” the President added. “We love Barbara!”


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