Here Is The Moment From Rosenstein’s Testimony That Everyone Should Be Discussing, But No One Is

If you watched the Rod Rosenstein speak to Congress on Thursday you may have noticed how smug this man came across. The entire time that he was questioned by members of Congress, Rosenstein had a disgusting smirk plastered on his face, and at one time appeared to be checking his phone while Trey Gowdy was addressing him.

However, while that is disrespectful all in itself what was even worse is when this arrogant man essentially laughed at others when asked important questions.

Here is more from Gateway Pundit:

DAG Rod Rosenstein smugly laughed at Rep. Ron DeSantis Thursday after the GOP lawmaker asked him why he hasn’t recused himself from the Mueller probe in the face of obvious conflicts of interest.

Rosenstein also refused to tell DeSantis whether anyone in the Obama administration directed the informant, Stefan Halper, to approach the Trump campaign.

FBI Director Christopher Wray and DAG Rod Rosenstein are on Capitol Hill Thursday publicly testifying to House Republicans over the FBI and DOJ’s mishandling of Hillary’s email investigation and Spygate.

House Republicans will also be holding a vote Thursday on a resolution demanding the DOJ comply with requests to turn over classified Trump-Russia docs or face impeachment, contempt.



I don’t know about you, but that does not sound like transparency, and guess what? I am not the only one aggravated by the lack of answers. In fact, Jim Jordan was not pleased with Rosenstein during the hearing.

Here is more from CBS News:

But in a particularly heated exchange with Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, Jordan accused Rosenstein of having personally redacted items relating to ongoing investigations as well as claims that Rosenstein was not complying with Congressional requests, saying, “you have seven days to get your act together.”

Jordan was referring to a resolution on the House floor threatening to hold Rosenstein in contempt. The measure ultimately passed following their back-and-forth in a 226 to 183 vote — demanding that the Justice Department fully comply with all document requests from the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees by July 6.

“Mr. Jordan, I am the deputy Attorney General of the United States, okay? I’m not the person doing the redacting. I’m responsible for who’s responding to your concerns as I have. I have a team with me, sir. It’s just a fraction of the team that’s doing this work, and, whenever you brought issues to my attention, I have taken appropriate steps to remedy them. So, your statement that I am personally keeping information from you, conceal information,” Rosenstein said.

“You’re the boss, Mr. Rosenstein,” Jordan retorted. “That’s correct, and my job is to make sure we respond to your concerns. We have, sir,” Rosenstein responded.

Rosenstein added, “When you find some problem with production or with questions, it doesn’t mean that I’m personally trying to conceal something from you. It means we’re running an organization that’s trying to follow the rules.”

So, stay tuned folks, it seems that things are about to heat up.




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