• July 19, 2024

Here Is Most Disturbingly Morbid VIRAL Social Trend Yet [VIDEO]

 Here Is Most Disturbingly Morbid VIRAL Social Trend Yet [VIDEO]

So a new viral trend is spreading across Facebook that has teens posing in contorted and disturbing positions to look like a dead body. Simply being referred to as the “Dead Pose” challenge, though it’s disturbing it’s still harmless but people are getting offended.


The trend was started by a teenager who got obsessed with the sad photo of the fatally wounded child, Hector Pieterson. Instead of people saying how wrong it was they just joined in the “fun” instead.




At first the poses were simple with people playing dead, but now the kids are getting more creative using props along with fake blood to make it look more realistic. It’s all fun and games until someone reports a dead body.



And now it’s gone a little too far with parents participating. This father in question decided to tease his son and scar the rest of his childhood.

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