• May 25, 2024

Here Are The 25 Top Lies Liberals Will Tell You

 Here Are The 25 Top Lies Liberals Will Tell You

1) Everything we need to know about global warming can be learned from a 16-year-old girl with Asperger’s and a famously ignorant former bartender who was just elected to Congress.

2) Of all the people we could have influencing children in our society, it makes the most sense to have drag queens reading to kids in libraries.

3) If you like your doctor or your healthcare plan, you can keep them AND it will cost $2,500 less per year for a family! Trust us!

4) Only bad people engage in cultural appropriation, which is why all of us should live in caves and carry sticks around lest we accidentally use something that our culture adopted from another two hundred years ago.

5) This time socialism will work!

6) We need censorship because since so many people reject liberal ideas, we know that free speech doesn’t work!

7) We know that the whole idea that the OK sign is used by racists was created to prank us, but we STILL think it’s a sign of white supremacists.

8) The key to reducing gun crimes and mass shootings is to take guns away from all the people that don’t do those things.

9) We speak for all women, black Americans, gay Americans, Hispanic Americans and Jewish Americans, not just liberals that happen to fall into those groups … wait, you want proof? Uh … I am pretty sure it was also in that study that showed 97% scientific consensus on global warming.

10) Insisting that non-Democrats be considered innocent until proven guilty of sexual harassment and sexual assault charges is the same thing as supporting rape, even when the allegations are 30 years old and the victim can’t remember what year it was, where it was at and all the people she says were there confirm it didn’t happen.

You can read the rest at BizPac Review.

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