Here Are 12 Times Kids Were Hilariously Inappropriate Without Knowing It [PHOTOS]

Kids are always a good source of fun and entertainment. A lot of times they are so innocent that they don’t realize that what they’re doing would be considered highly inappropriate if they were an adult. For example, when you enter an elevator the proper etiquette is to stand facing the door and you do not speak to other people standing next to you, unless you know them. Children are the only people who can break this rule. A kid can just reach up and tug on a person’s jacket to get their attention, and when the adult looks down, the kid can smile and wave hi. Nobody thinks this is inappropriate, but try that as an adult and you might get smacked.

Here are 12 times kids got caught doing something that out of context would seem really bad, but are hilariously funny instead.


1) “Mom, take a picture of me giving Rafiki a kiss!”.

2) A Bonersaurus Rex.

3) He’s getting the bum end of the deal.

4) He’s cracking up.

5) How she found her nephew at the thrift store…cheap thrills.

6) Lunch.

7) Her friend’s kid got Princess boob at every meet and greet.

8) It’s a biscuit. A BISCUIT.

9) Her sister came out and said she made “cotton candy” out of balloons…yes, “cotton candy.

10) But why can’t I take my jumprope to school?

11) Her nephew made an “Egg Tower” to take to school for Easter.

12) He’s just chilling…got a problem with that?

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