Her Son Screams In Pain At The Pool, Then Mom Rushes Him To The ER After Removing His Trunks

A mother has spoken out to warn parents about netting in swimming shorts after her son’s genitals was ‘strangled’ by a pair on holiday.

It started as a normal day at the hotel pool. Both mom and son, Jack Collins were just trying to cool down in the hot weather when out of nowhere, he started screaming! Then his mom took a closer look at her son’s shorts and saw the issue.

This post will warn all parents about the dangers of these types of swim trunks and why they have become such a concern…

5-year-old Jack Collins was in the hotel pool swimming when he started screaming!

At first, she had no idea what was wrong: “He let out the most gut-wrenching scream I’ve ever heard; it’s a sound no mother should ever hear,” Laura Collins said in an interview.

While he was playing in the water, the netting inside his shorts wrapped around his genitals. His mom ran inside the hotel and tried to grab a pair of scissors. But she could not cut the netting without hurting him even more…


His situation got so bad that Laura, Jack’s mom, eventually had to take Jack to the hospital to remove his shorts. Her child was screaming in pain the entire trip!

Here’s what happened: As you can see, this must have been an incredibly painful situation for Jack to have gone through. Most parents have no idea these shorts can be this dangerous…

Doctors weren’t shocked when Laura brought the young guy into the hospital. Another boy had come into the same hospital a week earlier having endured the same situation…

The doctors and Laura want to make sure that all parents know the risks involved. They recommend taking the netting out of these types of swim shorts or not buying this type at all.

The company that produced the trunks even issued an apology: “Whilst we will be conducting an investigation with the manufacturer we would like to assure our customers that our swim shorts meet the industry standards required for the mesh lining,” the company said in a statement.

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