Her Dad Kept Making Fun Of Her Weight, Her Payback Was Absolutely Brilliant…

A woman who was fat-shamed by her own father is taking her revenge genius level.

In one of the latest stitch trends going viral on the platform, users are sharing their “tiny, insignificant acts of revenge” thanks to Annie Manning, aka @thederpiestpony. Most of the responses to Manning’s prompt are good-humored and harmless (albeit petty), but people are still getting a kick out of justice being served.

One user named Victoria used the TikTok trend to share a story about a time when she took revenge on her dad.

“My dad once accused me in high school of only having friends who were fatter than me in order to make myself feel better,” Victoria said. “Not true. But I was pretty mad.”

So, Victoria decided to get revenge on her father. She figured that she’d do something he would never forget while he was out of the house.

One day when she was home alone, Victoria decided to retaliate by taking a seam ripper and weakening the crotch in all of her dad’s favorite pants.

“Not enough so that there was a hole, but just enough so that when he sat down, the crotch would rip open up his butt,” she said. “So he would think that he was getting fat.”

Commenters agreed that Victoria’s dad had it coming.

“He deserved every bit of that,” one user said.

“This is genius-level payback!” wrote Roberta Sanchez.

“My dad eats way too much ice cream with his favorite spoon. He called me fat. His spoon went bye-bye.”

“That was neither tiny nor insignificant. Truly a mastermind,” wrote one person who is now Victoria’s fan.

Of course, some men were not happy with the story.

“Pants are expensive. Get a job and pay for new ones. Seriously, women are nuts and have no sense of money,” wrote Tyler Ellis.

Watch the video below for more details:


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