Hear the Gut Wrenching Cracking Sound as Two Women Arm Wrestle [VIDEO]

Two women were arm wrestling as part of an “Iron Lady” contest, when the entire audience could hear a clear crack as one of the women grimaced in pain after her arm was broken.  It was set up in plaster and doctors were expecting to operate today to repair the limb.  Her opponent tried to console her and comfort her.

 This is the gut-wrenching moment a beefy woman breaks her arm live on TV as she tries to beat a rival into submission in a competition called ‘Iron Lady’.

The well-built pair agreed to test their strength on a popular Argentinian programme which was broadcast yesterday.

But seconds into their arm-wrestling competition, viewers heard a snapping sound and one of the women immediately put her hand under her suffering rival’s elbow as she realised something had gone horribly wrong.

Medics rushed onto the set to take away the patient, named only as Pamela, who was remarkably calm and expressionless.

It was confirmed after the show she had broken her arm, rather than just dislocating her elbow as initially feared, and would need an operation.
Host Chino Leunis, who tried to calm the nerves of the other woman taking part in the competition before urging her to leave the stage and go and comfort her arm-wrestling rival, said on Twitter after the show: ‘Unfortunately Pamela broke her arm. She’s been put in plaster and tomorrow she’s going to be operated on. It’s a terrible shame and we will be attentive and help her.

‘It was a great shock for everyone involved, I can assure you.

‘Live TV is a daily learning experience.’

Four participants have to take part in physical and intellectual tests as part of the programme where the incident occurred, called ‘En Que Mano Esta?’ in Spanish, which translates into English as ‘What Hand Is it In?’

As well as a cash prize, competitors also have the chance of winning a new car.

Last September a stunning Portuguese TV presenter fainted as she took a call from a viewer

Beautiful Erica Cardoso complained of feeling hot and asked her production team for a glass of water before she slipped off her chair and disappeared out of view.

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