He Wondered Why She Wasn’t Answering His Texts, Then He Receives 1 Simple Message

 He Wondered Why She Wasn’t Answering His Texts, Then He Receives 1 Simple Message

Relationships have undergone major changes in the past years. Courting seems forgotten and some folks think that they have a major shortcut and can just jump at the opportunity to start a romance without knowing much about the other person.

People nowadays are also reliant on smartphones and does not know if the person they’re texting is busy or just not into them, it may come to a point that it could really be irritating.

Although this may be the case for some people, if the initial encounter got to a rocky start, chances are it’s not going to work out. Better to cut losses and learn from the experience. Yet, some people do not seem to be on the same page. If a guy named Rob had just acted like a gentleman with good intentions, he may have had better luck.

Rob and Erica met at a bar the night before. They had friends in common.

Erica found Rob to be nice enough, good looking, and friendly. They started chatting and Rob kept giving her drinks. Erica got drunk enough to give out her number. Before her friends got her a cab home, she had made out with Rob.


The next day Erica noticed she got a new text message from the guy she met the night before.

She didn’t remember giving her number out last night. Plus she had a rule not to give out her information out before knowing someone better. And getting drunk with a guy was not her definition of potential dating material.


Erica put her cell phone away and decided to sleep off the hangover.

But her phone kept beeping with new texts. Rob kept writing weird things like he felt “honored” to get her number or how he wanted to get together right away.


His texts were beginning to creep her out and this was not what she wanted.

So she decided to just ignore his texts. He would understand her silence meant she was not interested.


Rob didn’t seem to take a hint when she did not text back.

Erica hoped that by not texting him, she was letting him down gently.


But the texts kept coming.

Erica simply got up and started her day. Everyone has cell phones and is attached to them. Very rarely are phones left at home. He had to have realized by now she just wasn’t into him.


But Rob would not let up. He wanted to get together that night!

When Erica did not respond he asked to meet for coffee the next day. Did he think she didn’t reply because she wasn’t available?


Rob was just not getting it at all. Erica didn’t know if she should just call him.

She wanted to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. The reality is that women are taught to be kind and sweet. No one wants to be called names or insulted for turning a guy down.


As the day progressed, the messages kept coming in.

At this point she was beginning to resent Rob, her phone, and just the whole situation. How could he possibly think she was interested. He got her drunk and made out with her. She did not feel he was a guy with good intentions.


She just wanted the texts to stop coming!

She called one of her girlfriends to discuss the situation. Erica could not handle any more texts. Her friend told her to simply send him a definite and final message, one where there was no way he would misinterpret as nothing more than a no.

And now he was asking her what HER problem was.

Not only did Rob not understand she was not interested, he was really aggressive in his approach.


It was his “girl of my dreams” comment that really made her realize he was not going to take no without a fight.

Erica didn’t want to be rude or mean. But she didn’t want to receive any more texts from Rob. It was a mistake to even start a conversation with him.


So she decided to send him an old photo of her and her ex.

This was not something she would ever do under regular circumstances. But this guy was really pushy and she was beginning to worry.


After the photo was sent, she sent a two-word reply.

Fu*k off.


Erica went for coffee by herself and sat down to enjoy the beautiful sound of silence from her phone.

Erica made it very clear to Rob that she was not the girl of his dreams and no she was not interested in getting to know him at all. All with the power of a photo and two words.




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