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He Woke Up And Saw His Girlfriend Dead, What He Did Before Calling The Cops Is Absolutely Sickening…

 He Woke Up And Saw His Girlfriend Dead, What He Did Before Calling The Cops Is Absolutely Sickening…

The grief accompanying the loss of a loved one is as inevitable as death itself. Mourning is a painful process and relying on something can help you get through it. However, it cannot justify the act of a man from Utah. While driving with his girlfriend, a sudden accident happened that made the man booked into jail. The said accident left his girlfriend dead. But instead of calling 911, he decided to toss back a few more beers!

Like how could someone continue to consume the same Alcohol that had already killed his loved one?

Mark Wyler
(Photo Credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office)

His final act of drinking alcohol before phoning the police by saying that he did so to drown out his sorrows cannot justify what he did! This man is obviously incapable of making wise decisions during the entire process.

Mark James Wyler, a citizen of Utah, is accused of negligent murder, DUI, and other offenses in connection with the drunken driving accident that claimed the life of his 20-year-old girlfriend Cierra Perez.

Mark Wyler

According to reports, Wyler took Perez on a joyride down a treacherous one-lane dirt road near Toquerville Falls in southern Utah, but because he was inebriated, he was unable to drive safely.

Wyler said that while driving, he lost control of the car at one point, causing it to veer off the road and plunge 200 feet into a gully at the base of the cliff. Wyler passed unconsciously following the collision, and Perez was killed after being ejected from the car.

Wyler finally regained consciousness hours after the collision and spotted Perez’s body outside of the car next to him. Wyler decided to drink the remaining beers he had on hand rather than immediately dialing 911 after touching her to get confirmation she was dead.

Wyler staggered out of the car and found a place with cellular service about an hour and a half after he awoke to the awful scene in order to dial 911. After first responders pronounced Perez dead, authorities investigated the area and found an empty beer case and partially finished bottles among the rubble.

Wyler was rushed to the hospital to receive medical attention for the injuries of the accident. Wyler’s blood alcohol level was 0.000 according to a breathalyzer test at the hospital, but due to evidence at the scene and Wyler’s admission, he was detained and charged with the drunken driving accident.

However, things take a new unsettling turn. When Cierra Perez’s own mother pleaded for leniency! And not only that, Perez’s mother even paid his bail and pleas for the court to take it easy on the man who was ultimately responsible for killing her daughter!

That man needed to spend a lot of time in jail so he could get clean and stop endangering others! But this Mom just even hoped to have the auto homicide charge dropped altogether! By saying, I really ask you to please not send him to jail, He’s got a lifetime of punishment he’s going to be giving himself.”

A parent who got his daughter killed for the selfish and reckless act of a man just did that.

Things just got worse when the mother even never actually met Wyler until after her daughter passed away, but she claimed that throughout the brief time they were together, he made her daughter happy without realizing that the man did a horrible thing! He didn’t choose her safety!

Her justification for asking for forgiveness is likewise seriously faulty. While extending forgiveness is wonderful, the mother should know that avoiding responsibility and consequences is not.

According to a follow-up report by St George News, Mark Wyler was only given a 90-day jail term instead of a potential prison term for his involvement in the deadly rollover accident that claimed the life of his girlfriend Cierra. A plea agreement reduced the third-degree felony allegation against Wyler, who was also facing class B misdemeanor charges for driving while suspended and an infraction for illegal lane use, to a class A misdemeanor for negligent auto homicide, to which Wyler pled guilty.

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