He Reversed A Trump Admin Rule, And Now A DOZEN People Are DEAD!

 He Reversed A Trump Admin Rule, And Now A DOZEN People Are DEAD!

One of the most dangerous things that I think I ever did was back in the days of the drive-in theater when we would pay by car. One time, we had like fifteen people in a van.

It was probably the most dangerous thing I can recall doing on purpose because there’s always the odd chance the van could have gotten hit. Now, this was just one isolated incident.

Imagine if you will that there was someone that said it was legal to go ahead and do something like this. You would have people getting hit left and right.

When Joe Bide stole power, what he did was overturn a lot of rules that were designed by Donald Trump to keep us all safe. Those kinds of rules are not enticing people to take risks, and those risks are costing people their lives.

Illegal aliens are dropping like flies now that His Wisdom scaled back Former President Donald Trump’s border security operation to roll out the red carpet. Over a dozen more innocent migrants are needlessly dead thanks to Joe Biden’s globalist policies.

Now that open borders globalists are back in charge, the word has already spread that the USA is accepting asylum seekers again. They didn’t get the word that Biden is still making them stay in Mexico until Covid is cured.

Coyotes are more than willing to fill the gap with their well oiled operation to transport anyone with the money across the border. Illegal aliens are dying to get to America. Their money gets them across the line but still being alive when they get there isn’t part of the contract.

Faux News doesn’t want to go out on a limb so they hedge their reporting with careful phrasing. Authorities, they suggest, have a sneaky suspicion that “human smuggling was involved in the Tuesday morning collision that killed at least 13.”

Their first clue that an illegal operation was going on is that their were 25 people in the SUV which got creamed by a semi-truck full of gravel “on a Southern California highway near the U.S.-Mexico border.”

ICE tends to agree but they aren’t jumping to any conclusions in this brave new world of Democrat power. They aren’t speculating about the nature of the operation yet.

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