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He Proposed In Front Of A Packed Baseball Stadium, The Way It Went Terribly Wrong Is….

 He Proposed In Front Of A Packed Baseball Stadium, The Way It Went Terribly Wrong Is….

A public marriage proposal can be romantic and provide some of the most precious memories for many couples. You never forget something like the moment you get engaged.  It’s a special occasion, a story you’ll tell forever.

However, public proposals can go horribly wrong. That’s exactly what happened at a Toronto Blue Jays game between a man and a woman.

According to the New York post:

“In a viral video that has received over 200,000 views in less than 48 hours; a fan can be seen stopping his girlfriend midgame as she walks down the stairs to her seat in the stadium.

The man then pulls his confused girlfriend toward him, kisses her, says “I love you” as he begins to kneel down, leaving the young woman gasping in disbelief with her hand over her mouth, anticipating what would happen next.”

As the atmosphere in the stadium erupted with cheers and applause, with people who begin pulling their cameras out and videoing the moment, and with everyone who gathered in the stadium was anticipating a gold wedding ring.

However, what initially looked like a romantic moment, quickly, went sour as the man took out a lollipop instead of a gold wedding ring, which caused the girl’s feelings to change from absolute happiness to quick fury.

Upon seeing the lollipop, the young women’s mood immediately changes, and she slaps her boyfriend across the face.

“What the f*** is wrong with you,” she shouts, throwing her drink at him.

The video has now gone viral; it appeared on a Canadian TikTok. The clip then sparked debate amongst viewers, who were divided as to whether the girl’s reaction was justified – or whether she should learn to take a joke.

Some expressed sympathy for the woman and claimed that the man’s actions were harsh and degrading; others also criticize the woman who can’t take a joke.

Nevertheless, what began as a joke may have ended up costing the man his relationship, and he probably shouldn’t be surprised to find himself in the metaphorical doghouse, if this man was dead serious in his joke of a proposal.

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