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He Lost His Face In A Horrible Hunting Accident, What He Had After A 30hr Surgery Is Absolutely Amazing…

 He Lost His Face In A Horrible Hunting Accident, What He Had After A 30hr Surgery Is Absolutely Amazing…

Over the past 50 years, Medical technology has developed in leaps and bounds, and we’ve seen changes occur that we couldn’t have even imagined back at the turn of the millennium. From syringes and wheelchairs to all sorts of new things that were suddenly within reach!

And one of the biggest medical advancements in recent years has been in face transplants, which can give new lives to people who have lost their faces in major accidents.

As with any type of surgery, face transplant surgery presents both benefits and risks. Face transplants can be life-changing for individuals who have been disfigured after a severe injury, were born with differences (or birth defects), or suffered from burns.

An extensive screening process, meticulous surgical planning, 16 hours or more of surgery, nerve regeneration, physical therapy, and immunosuppressive drugs are taken for the remainder of the patient’s life are all components of the difficult procedure in a face transplant.

At hospitals around the world, more than 40 patients have gotten full or partial face transplants since 2005.

Maurice Desjardin, a native of Quebec, Canada, recently had face transplant surgery for the first time.

Seven years ago, Desjardin, 64, was involved in a horrific hunting accident that damaged more than half of his face.

He has endured daily agonizing pain since then, he struggled to eat, sleep, and even breathe with his damaged face. So he was prepared to have the dangerous procedure if it increased his chances of finding some relief.

Desjardin became a recluse after his accident because his issues made it so difficult for him to socialize with others. Simply talking to anyone was physically very painful for him, but this surgery has changed that.

Over 100 medical staffers worked tirelessly on Desjardin for more than 30 hours as they rebuilt his jaws, teeth, nose, lips, and face muscles.

Desjardins had to undergo tests to determine his mental stability and suitability for the transplant, which is why it took so many years to set up.

But this amazing medical accomplishment took place in the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont in Montreal. When surgeon Dr. Daniel Borsuk and his team performed the high-risk procedure at Montreal’s Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, they successfully grafted a donor’s jaw, teeth, nose, and cartilage onto Desjardins’s face — all in one piece.

“As a plastic surgeon, I know that, no matter how large or small, injuries to the face have a particularly symbolic aspect and are closely linked to our identity,” Dr. Daniel Borsuk said. “Facial disfigurement can have a detrimental effect on self-confidence and productivity, and therefore, this transplant offered immense hope and possibility to our patient.”

“We would like to acknowledge the donor family, who showed great empathy and generosity in accepting that their loved one donate his face and his organs,” said the Managing Director of Transplant Quebec.

“The tremendous collaboration between Dr. Borsuk’s team and Transplant Quebec is one of the keys to the success of this first, which was so beneficial for the receiver.”

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