• July 16, 2024

He Eats A Hundred Eggs Every Day, And The Way He Does It Is…

 He Eats A Hundred Eggs Every Day, And The Way He Does It Is…

A Fitness influencer has caused a major buzz online after revealing he eats 100 eggs a day to maintain his muscles.

Fernando Torraca who has branded himself as The King of Diet on TikTok where he has gained more than 518,000 followers, left many people on the internet in awe after he claimed he consumes 100 eggs every day.

The Florida-based health fanatic went viral after he posted a series of videos showing off his bizarre diet online, leaving many viewers wondering: Is this really healthy?

“400 eggs, believe it or not, only lasts four days,” he wrote alongside a video showing him carrying and unpacking a carton of eggs.

Nevertheless, Torraca insists that he must consume his daily number of eggs to maintain his muscles because eggs are the only food that doesn’t make him feel bad after eating.

Torraca further explained that he likes to eat eggs because they are “quickly digestible,” meaning he can eat countless small meals throughout the day.

He said he spreads the 100 eggs over four or five meals, and that although he sometimes eats chicken or fish, he often feels “bad” about it and “farts a lot.”

“My body doesn’t absorb that kind of protein. My body absorbs eggs really well. That’s why I eat a lot of eggs,” he added. “When I eat chicken, I feel bloated. When I have gas, my belly looks like [I’m] six months pregnant. I don’t like it.”

In another egg-focused video, Torraca films himself cracking open the eggs and separating the whites from the yolks. He captioned that video with on-screen text that stated, “They say [steroids], but they don’t see my struggles,” he said in the clip. “It’s not easy eating 100 eggs daily.”

“They don’t know the truth. One hundred eggs per day,” he wrote in a third TikTok, in which he pulls up his shirt to show off his washboard abdominal muscles.

Some people suggested he just buy the bottle of egg whites, he prefers regular eggs. “The taste is different,” he said, adding, “I don’t like that. I trust what I see. Real eggs.”

Some commenters also questioned his cholesterol levels, with high cholesterol having been linked to eating too many eggs.

Despite egg whites being low in cholesterol, Healthline advises eating no more than one or two eggs a day for the average adult, or four to five eggs a week if cholesterol is a concern.

Sources: AWM, Healthline

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