He Digs A Hole In The Sand And When The Waves Hit, Everyone Stares In AWE [VIDEO]

Every winter, as the majority of us are painstakingly shoveling mounds of snow off our driveways just so we can return to our monotonous jobs, a select few are enjoying the beach and showing off their beautifully tanned bodies.

Is this for real, you ask? And if so, where is this magical place? Hawaii, of course. On the North Shore of Oahu, we find the picturesque Waimea Bay at the mouth of the Waimea River.

However, waiting for the perfect wave can result in a lot of downtime…so there are always two options: wait it out, or be resourceful. With competitions in full swing, the latter tends to be the more popular choice.

Waimea Bay in the winter can see tides up to 30 ft high, and that’s just the backside – the frontside can actually double in size.

With waves that large, it’s no wonder surfing Waimea Bay is considered a rite of passage for surfers from all over the globe.



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