He Carries Something Down The Beach. What It Is? Everyone’s Shrieking [VIDEO]

The unsuspecting people in the video below thought they’d enjoy a leisurely day down by the ocean. That is, until these guys showed up. Watch as the pranksters carry a very peculiar object up and down the beach, horrifying everyone and causing them to go sprinting for the sea. Suffice it to say, hilarity ensues.

The guy behind this setup is Roman Atwood, an American prankster known for his hidden camera shenanigans. In this particular scheme, he totes a skunk-like stuffed animal that squirts water. However, he’s gotten in some hot water for more serious hijinks, including the time a Ferrari owner threw punches when he believed Roman was urinating on his car.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SUVd0LG6qw]
H/T The Rifle Bird

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