Hasbro Pulls New Trolls Doll After Complaints That It’s Grooming Kids for Sexual Abuse

As if 2020 isn’t bad enough, file this bullshit under a severe WTF.

As a parent to young children, I’ll admit that I’m literally shook with anger writing this article after I watched a viral video (hold tight, you’ll see it in a second) in which a mom demonstrates how she believes a Trolls doll from Hasbro is grooming little kids for SEXUAL ABUSE

Hasbro debuted a new adorable Troll doll called “Trolls World Tour Giggle and Sing Poppy” that, if you push an internal button in the tummy, will recite 10 different cute songs and phrases.

Awesome. Every kid loves that and EVERY PARENT has a bulk supply of ibuprofen to deal with it. And, the doll is admittedly adorable. 

But, this DOLL has an extra feature that isn’t described on the box. While Hasbro absolutely denies one mom’s claim (that has now gone viral) that the doll is meant to groom kids for sexual abuse, we can’t help but scratch our heads as parents.

Because apparently, some seriously misguided designers didn’t think it through when they placed the button (not advertised on the box) on the doll’s genital area. 

Just watch this video to see what I mean while I check my heart rate and blood pressure one more time.

The doll gasps, laughs, and giggles when someone touches the button located in an area NOT AT ALL FRIGGIN APPROPRIATE for kids to be playing with. 

The doll is based on the Trolls World Tour character called Poppy, which was voiced by Maine native Anna Kendrick. 

One mom, Jessica McManis, started a petition to voice her concerns over the inappropriateness of the doll. Because intentional or not, it could give mixed signals to young children that don’t understand and are trying to learn about appropriate touching. 




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