Hailey Clauson’s Curves VS World’s Smallest Bikini, Who Wins? [VIDEO and PHOTOS]

Hailey Clauson Has Some Dangerous Curves and putting then in such a small bikini is really putting the material to the test.  It’s not hard to see why she is a perennial favorite of the guys who buy the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

 Sports Illustrated did its best to break the internet Tuesday with Hailey Clauson in an insanely small bikini.

Clauson donned the skimpy black bikini in the video titled, “Hailey Clauson Wears ‘Smallest Bathing Suit We Could Find’ In Finland.”

SI captioned the video, “Hailey Clauson shows off “the smallest bathing suit we could find” and thigh high boots, posing in a snow palace in Finland.”

I’ve never once claimed to be a bikini expert, but it seems like Sports Illustrated might be on to something with this bikini being about as small as they come.

I’d be very hard to argue Sports Illustrated has held back in any of these videos, but Clauson in that bikini might be enough to break YouTube.

H/T Smokeroom

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