Graveyard Cam Has Thug Being Hunted Down for Committing Sick Act On Cop Grave

Teens was arrested after being caught on cam spitting on a fallen police officer’s grave.

Janice Smarr grieves every day after her son was shot to death in the line of duty last year.

As Janice made clear, her son deserves better. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he died last December while responding to a domestic violence call with his partner, Jody Smith. The suspect, Minquell Lembrick, reportedly opened fire on them, fatally wounding Smarr.

But instead of tending to his own wounds, Janice’s son reportedly started performing CPR on his partner, who wound up surviving for one additional day before she too perished.

He was one heck of a guy, and local police secretary Brinda Middleton agreed.

“He was the most respectful — it was always ‘Miss Brinda,’ you know — one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet,” she said following his death last year. “He never had anything negative to say about anybody. He’s just a real sweetheart and we’re going to miss him terribly.”

May he rest in peace.

Earlier this week at Oak Grove Cemetery, Smarr noticed something was amiss on the shiny, black granite marker on the grave of Americus police officer Nicholas Smarr.

“I saw the footprints on the grave before we even got out of the car,” Smarr said Thursday morning. “He already died for the city. He needs to lie in peace.”

After the mother of slain Georgia police officer noticed signs of vandalism on her son’s grave earlier this month, including mud and footprints, her family set up a graveyard camera in hopes the perpetrators might return. Thankfully, they did.

When Janice Smarr returned to the graveyard Wednesday morning, she found pictures of four black youths — a 17-year-old boy and three 16-year-old girls — hanging around her son’s grave and, worse, the boy spitting on it.

When Smarr arrived at her son’s grave Wednesday morning, there was mud and other things on it, Americus Police Chief Mark Scott said.

“There were footprints on the grave, so that was obviously intentional,” Scott said.

A review of the photographs showed four teens had visited the grave after midnight. One of them spit on the grave, Smarr said.

Officers identified the suspects very quickly.

“They’re very good pictures,” Scott said. “They were all known to officers.”

“I think my son had arrested him before,” she remarked to The Telegraph (Macron). “It’s just very disrespectful and he probably did it because he just got out of jail and he was mad at the police.”

That insolent boy thug turned out to be Kaheem D. Chambers, who has since been arrested along with the three girls for criminal trespassing. Chambers was booked back into the jail after the incident, Scott said.

Two of the girls, who had prior records, also were charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer, and were sent to the Regional Youth Detention Center in Macon.

The other was released to her parents, Scott said.

The girls also were charged with curfew violation.

“I just can’t fathom why you would think that would be OK on anybody’s grave,” Scott said.

Commenters on Facebook are trying to interject race into the arrests, but Smarr said that has nothing to do with it.

“We didn’t care if they were white, black or Mexican,” she said. “We didn’t want anyone messing with his grave.”

Smarr visits the cemetery daily and pledges to press charges against anyone who desecrates her son’s final resting place.

“I don’t want them to dance on my son’s grave,” Janice said. “If I have to put 10 more people in jail, I’ll just put 10 more in jail.”

Sources: Conservative Tribune Photo Credit: Twitter/Diana Video Credit: WALB


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