• July 22, 2024

GRAND SLAM: Idiot Picks Fight With Bat Wielding Opponent

 GRAND SLAM: Idiot Picks Fight With Bat Wielding Opponent


Never bring your fists to a bat fight. This kid’s brain is now officially mush. Well, it was probably that way before the incident, too, because who with a working, thinking mind would try to fight somebody with a metal bat? In that situation there ain’t no shame in the run away game. But it’s that sound man. The “Ping” is outright disturbing. It’s the best feeling in the world when you hear it while going yard with your Omaha 3000 in high school. Not so much off a human skull. Instantly reminded me of this brew-haha that went down in West Philadelphia born and raised awhile back (NSFL):

Every time a bat pings, a crackhead gets its wings. The only thing more awful was not hearing the ping on the last hack to the head. Sweet hammer swinging by the lady, too. They must give out assaults with deadly weapons like Oprah gives away cars in West Philly.


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