• April 18, 2024

Goodbye ‘Blame Bush,’ Hello ‘Blame Trump’

 Goodbye ‘Blame Bush,’ Hello ‘Blame Trump’

You may not particularly like Donald Trump. You may not trust Donald Trump, and you may not have voted for Donald Trump. But that doesn’t mean you should pretend he’s been the President of the United States for the past 8 years, and that all the bad stuff in the world is now his fault.

Not to pick on Chelsea Handler, who’s obviously still in mourning that her dream of a feminist utopia under President Grandma has been put on hold. But she just provided a perfect example of this sort of “thinking”:


Should Donald Trump be tweeting about LL Bean? Probably not. I don’t like it either. (I’d say it’s beneath the dignity of the office he’s about to hold, but Obama has lowered the bar as far as it’ll go.) But what does that have to do with our stance on North Korea? How is Trump responsible for it?

This is just one example. It’s everywhere you look. It’s the accepted wisdom on the left: Trump did it.

When Obama came into office, all his failures were actually the fault of George W. Bush. Now that Obama is leaving office, all his failures are actually the fault of Donald J. Trump. Nothing is ever Barry’s fault.

Obama is the Greatest President in American History, which is why they’re already starting to pretend he was never there. Just take the history books and tear out the chapter covering 2009-2016. That’ll solve everything.

Speaking of comedians who aren’t dealing with this whole thing very well, check out Ratatouille over here:

Now that’s funny!

But don’t worry about ol’ Patton. He does this every time his team loses. Here he is on the evening of the 2004 election, melting down over John Kerry’s loss:

If Bush wins, then we all surf a turd, Slim Pickens-style, into the maelstrom of history’s dustbin. Blue and red. And purple, whatever the fuck that was. Right on top of Ancient Rome, Prussia, Spain and Great Britain in the 1880’s. Not that it’ll matter to me. I’ll be headlining McCaddy’s Scotch ‘n’ Chuckle Tavern of Expat Leg-Pullers in Laphroaig, Scotland.

It was all over. America was doomed.

Then Obama came and saved him.

Then Obama went and left him.


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