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‘Good Thing That He Was Surrounded By Secret Service’: GOLD STAR FATHER Reveals Disgusting Comment Former VP Biden

 ‘Good Thing That He Was Surrounded By Secret Service’: GOLD STAR FATHER Reveals Disgusting Comment Former VP Biden

A conversation with then-Vice President Joe Biden left a Gold Star family perplexed and angry just minutes before the dignified transfer of their son’s remains in November 2016.

“It was a horrible conversation, it was a horrible experience,” Mike Iubelt, the father of the fallen Army Pfc. Tyler Iubelt, 20, told the Washington Examiner. “I left there feeling worse than I did before he walked through the doors.”

Iubelt was killed in a suicide bombing at Bagram Airfield, carried out by an Afghan national who worked for a U.S. defense contractor. Four people were killed in the attack and 17 were wounded.

Biden, in his first public appearance at a dignified transfer in the final months of President Barack Obama’s administration, encountered Iubelt’s family at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware. There, the family said, he complimented Iubelt’s widow in a way that rankled both parents. Additionally, the family said, Biden upset them by expressing pessimism about the War in Afghanistan while they awaited the remains of their son, who died three days earlier.

“Well, unfortunately, they’re a 14th-century country, they don’t want us there, they’re never going to change,” Biden said of Afghanistan, according to Charlotte Loquasto, the fallen soldier’s mother.

That remark, which Iubelt’s parents described to the Washington Examiner in the days leading up to the 18th anniversary of America’s Oct. 7, 2001, invasion of Afghanistan, presents a stark contrast with arguments Afghan officials have made for a continued U.S. presence at a time when the administration is trying to broker an agreement with the Taliban that would permit the withdrawal of American troops. The Dover encounter, a window into Biden’s thinking as he hopes to win the presidency in 2020, stoked the frustration that has made the war politically unpopular. And it left a grieving family cold.

“That statement was so impactful that, again, silence in the group, you just don’t know how to respond,” Loquasto told the Washington Examiner.

Biden made his comments, the family said, after the Gold Star mother asked him what could be done to prevent tragedies such as the one that claimed the life of her son, whose wife Shelby had given birth to a daughter just months earlier.

“He’s second in line [to the presidency], he could potentially be our leader any day, and he doesn’t even know why we’re there,” Loquasto said.

Biden left a more positive impression on the family of Sgt. John Perry, 30, who also was killed in the blast. “We really appreciate what Vice President Biden did and his care,” Gold Star father Stewart Perry said at the time. “He stood on that flight line and saluted with his hand across his chest.”

But Biden’s comments to Shelby Iubelt cemented the negative impression for the younger soldier’s family. “He told my daughter-in-law … that she was too pretty for this to happen to her,” Mike Iubelt recalled. “It’s probably a good thing that he was surrounded by Secret Service, probably for both of us, because I’d probably be locked up in jail right now.”

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