Good Samaritan Shot And Navy Veteran Gunned Down By Cops While Trying To Stop Fight

Tragedy struck over this weekend as a Navy veteran was shot and killed by police while he attempted to break up a fight at Portland State University. According to reports, Jason Washington was killed in PortlandOregon after his gun fell from his holster when he was trying to stop a brawl that was occurring outside of a bar on campus. Washington was gunned down and left dead on the sidewalk by the overzealous police who were trained to target anyone with a gun.

See, this is what happens when liberals spread mass fear and panic about people with guns.

Here is more from New York Daily News:

A Navy veteran was shot and killed by Oregon cops after his pistol fell from a holster as he tried to break up a fight outside a bar, according to local reports.

Witnesses to the scuffle — sparked by a racial slur — contend 45-year-old Jason Washington, who was black, was a good Samaritan and not an instigator when Portland State University campus police opened fire early Friday.

He was identified by his co-workers at the U.S. Postal Service as a father of three, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Video of the clash outside the Cheerful Tortoise bar shows Washington putting himself between two men. When the brawlers lunged for each other, he fell to the ground and his weapon fell to the ground.

“The gun slipped out of the holster when he had fallen, and I think he may have tried to retrieve it,” Keyaira Smith told Oregon Public Broadcasting.

One of the two responding officers — identified as Shawn McKenzie and James Dewey — can be seen appearing to step in and intervene in the fight as Washington stumbled.

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