GONE TOO FAR: CNN Sickeningly Used Bush Funeral Coverage To Trash President Trump

CNN certainly doesn’t waste time in their efforts to be distasteful do they?

Half the time they end up sounding more like a charlatan preacher that is more interested in talking people out of their money instead of spreading the gospel, the other half it seems that they are trying to appear as if they are a vulgar nightclub comedian trying out a new five minutes in front of a new audience.

When President Bush passed away earlier in the week there was a flood of emotions that ranged every possible emotion that one could think of.

Liberals seem to think that this is the perfect times to take shots at President Trump in terms of asking how they think he is going to act. Sure, President Trump is rough around the edges in terms of the way he’s deals with people, but he also is a man that has a sense of morality and knows when it is time to lay down his sword against a particular person.

Liberal media seems to think that Donald Trump would be so brash as to continue an argument or a disagreement with someone long after they have passed on. Hardly the case. Bush and Trump didn’t agree on much, but there was a mutual respect there that even CNN should be able to recognize; but they would rather place bets on if Trump is going to dance on Bush’s grave.

It’s sickening and unbecoming of a news organization to even suggest that.

From Fox News:

A CNN panel blasted President Donald Trump on Monday immediately following his visit to the U.S. Capitol where he paid his respects to former President George H.W. Bush.

Before President Trump and first lady Melania Trump appeared in the rotunda, CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel began by insisting that the celebration of Bush’s life “sends a message” to Trump that “this is how it’s done.”

“Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, two Democrats- they called Bush 41 a gentleman, total class. This is the embodiment of just how different it can be,” Gangel told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. “And that’s a message to Trump.”

Gangel criticized the current president moments after he stepped out of the rotunda, saying he doesn’t “mend fences” in the wake of the open hostility that took place between Trump and the Bush family.

“I think he’s doing this because he feels that he has to do it,” Gangel continued. “And I’m also assuming that General Kelly has had a big hand in it.”

While she told Cooper that the Bush family is “very appreciative” of this White House for their helpfulness since H.W. Bush’s passing, she squeezed in a few more jabs at the president.

“That said, I can’t help but wonder if there was a thought bubble over Donald Trump’s head just now,” she continued. “What he was thinking as he stood there.”

SMU Center for Presidential History Director Jeffrey Engel chimed in, “I have to imagine he was thinking, ‘How much longer do I have to stand here?’”

Gangel then insisted that Trump “had to be there” and predicted he won’t feel comfortable during Wednesday’s service.


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