Global What? Did Anyone Catch What Jen Psaki Said in This Presser?

Ok, for the last eighteen months, we have watched the world dissolve into chaos as government leaders thrust their nations into lockdowns and mandates to protect the people from COVID-19.

When COVID burst onto the scene like Glam Rock in the 80s, people weren’t sure what was going on or where this virus was even coming from.

The media told us it was from bat soup that was served in a Chinese wet market, and then mutated and took over the world, but for many people none of that made sense.

There were questions to Dr. Fauci and his ties to the Chinese lab that were strangely conducting experiments on this exact virus at the time too.

Of course, that is just a coincidence, right?

When people even questioned any of it on social media, people were banned for even discussing the possibility of government involvement, and then it comes out that was the case.

Then there is this very interesting slip of the tongue from our favorite little commie red-head, Jen Psaki.

Was this a Freudian slip?

If anyone paid close attention, Psaki didn’t refer to COVID-19 as a ‘pandemic.’

She slipped up and said something that would immediately get her banned from social media.

Check it out:

The White House called COVID-19 a “Global Plandemic.”

Are you going to censor her?

Here’s a backup on Rumble for our records of the “Global Plandemic:


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