Girl Thinks Her Boyfriend Will Do Something Romantic, SHE’S WRONG

Footage of a girl being shoved rather painfully over the edge of a rocky cliff in France has gone viral.

The Daily Mail reports that an unseen male walks an unnamed female along a rocky beachfront on the shores of France. The pair walk to the top of a tall ledge overlooking the sea in France and she turns and grins at him, appearing to be caught up in the moment.

But instead of enjoying the romantic moment the boyfriend responds by pulling a very dirty trick.

With no warning she boy who’s filming reaches out and shoves her so hard she goes flying over the edge of the rocky cliff. You can hear her scream as she is shoved over the edge, knocking a section of rock loose as she plummets to the ground.

The young girl is lying face down in the mud and muck as the boy gives a thumbs-up sign in front of the camera.  The footage ends there, with the girl motionless at the bottom of the cliff.

Some have suggested that the video is a hoax, claiming the girl appears to be prepared to fall as she tumbles over the cliff’s edge.
What do you think?

H/T: Daily Mail

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