• June 12, 2024

Girl Tells Mom That Mom’s BOYFRIEND Sexually Abused Her, Mom BEATS The Girl PUBLICLY

 Girl Tells Mom That Mom’s BOYFRIEND Sexually Abused Her, Mom BEATS The Girl PUBLICLY

A disturbing video is making its way around Facebook and many social media users are outraged by the mother’s actions.

A Richmond, Virginia mother named Larita Cosby has sparks outrage on social media due to a video that’s surfaced of her beating her daughter, Kissy Denise. While there is a trend of parents sharing their disciplinary tactics on Facebook, Cosby’s actions are a bit different. Facebook users are absolutely pissed about the reason she chose to beat her daughter.

Though, teenagers are handful and not everyone can handle raising one. Larita’s action is imprudent, not only looks like she might not behave the best in life, but she also publicly and proudly beat her daughter up.

In the video you can hear Larita is getting even more upset with the daughter after she claimed her boyfriend sexually abused her. Instead of believing her 16-year-old daughter, she beats her publicly and called her a liar.

The person filming made it clear he had no idea who they were but Cosby could be seen holding her daughter by the hair claiming all parents should discipline their children the way she has. When the teen tried to break free from her mother’s strong grip, the situation quickly escalated. Cosby dragged her daughter by the hair as she screamed in agony. For more than two minutes straight, Cosby tugged at her daughter’s hair while punching her in the face with a closed fist. She repeatedly told the child, “Stop hittin’ me n***a,” as bystanders watched.

“After her daughter disclosed in her that she was sexually abused by her boyfriend, she beats her?? She should be protecting her daughter, instead of reprimanding her for speaking out about it,” one mad viewer comment after watching the video.

“This video broke my heart. My heart goes out to this child. It’s not a stranger beating her up or even another teen girl. This child has been tremendously embarrassed and hurt at the hands of her own mother…,” emotional reaction by another viewer.

A real mother should investigate and should take daughter’s side if she says a man abused her, not beat her up for the sake of keeping a no-good man.

Cosby’s boyfriend denied the allegations, claiming it was the grandmother’s boyfriend who molested the teen.

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