• April 13, 2024

Girl Scout Leader On The Run After Stealing Thousands Worth Of Cookies [VIDEO]

 Girl Scout Leader On The Run After Stealing Thousands Worth Of Cookies [VIDEO]

A Girl Scout leader from Kentucky is now on the run after allegedly stealing more than $20,000 worth of cookies from not only her own troop, but possibly from neighboring troops as well.

Leah Ann Vick, 26-year-old, was formally arraigned by a Pike County jury on a charge of “felony theft by unlawful taking”. She now faces up to 10 years in prison once convicted, according to the district attorney, Rick Bartley.

Local authorities are currently looking for Vick who is believed to be actively avoiding law enforcement. The crime originally happened on February 1, according to the indictment.

According to Bartley, Vick picked up a large order of cookies for her Wilderness Road chapter — and possibly a few orders belonging to other troops — in Pikesville, Ky.

Vick was supposed to return to pay for the cookies once they had been sold (the local troops don’t normally provide payment up front), but she never went back since. The Girl Scouts also say they have no record of Vick dropping off her troop’s shipment with her girls.

“She picked up the cookies and never took them to them, so we don’t know what she did with them,” said Bartley.

“She has never paid for any of them and, anyone who has tried to contact her about them has not been able to contact her,” he added.

Authorities also confirmed that Vick has been using “several different addresses” in eastern Kentucky since going on the run, making it much harder for the local authorities to track her whereabouts.

“It looks like she picked up the cookies and, now, she and the cookies have disappeared,” stated Bartley.

Vick’s indictment follows a similar, though more disturbing incidence of theft from a Girl Scout in California.

On Feb. 17, a 12-year-old scout in Union, Calif., was robbed at gunpoint while selling cookies outside a Safeway supermarket alongside her mother.

The Union City Police Department later raised $1,000 for the girl’s local troop.


Source: CNN

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