• April 15, 2024

Girl Says Cop Sexually Assaulted Her… Then The Chief Releases Body-Cam [WATCH]

 Girl Says Cop Sexually Assaulted Her… Then The Chief Releases Body-Cam [WATCH]

Burlington Police in Vermont were forced to release the footage from a police officer’s body camera after a teenage girl claimed on social media that she was abused by officers last month.

Logan Huysman, 18-year-old brat from Burlington, Vermont which involved an altercation between 18-year-old Logan Huysman and Police Sgt. My Nguyen with Officer Adam Lippa, took place in the parking lot of the Cumberland Farms on Pine Street.

Logan, a lying, conniving and presumably spoiled brat whose attempt to smear local cops by claiming they sexually assaulted her during an altercation late last month fell by the wayside after dashcam footage was released by the city’s police chief.

This is incident happened at 2:30 a.m. on June 22, the officers found Huysman and two of her friends unconscious inside a parked vehicle with a running engine.


The car allegedly smelled of alcohol and marijuana and contained paraphernalia, including what was identified as a bong.

While being questioned, Huysman did cartwheels, stood on a trash can and snatched the bong from the officer’s custody.

According to Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo, the confrontation took place for more than an hour as the officers tried to take the belligerent teen into custody.

In a shameless Facebook post, as if she wasn’t already in enough trouble, when she finally made it back home she rushed to Facebook to post the following spurious screed.

Bad choice, kid. Last week police chief Chief Brandon del Pozo released dashcam footage from the arrest that completely dispelled the punk kid’s shameless lies.

For demanding that the officers reimburse her for the confiscated bong, for mocking them, for performing cartwheels, for standing on a trash can, for hurling bottles and for attacking them, this arrogant teenager received the exact punishment she deserved: arrest.

Moreover, it was clear that the officers never overstepped their bounds, as police chief del Pozo himself made clear in a statement last month.

“Huysman fought the police,” he wrote. “She is portrayed on camera video mule-kicking Sergeant Nguyen about the body, head and groin. He and Officer Lippa asked her to please stop. At no point do officers strike her, use weapons, or use force beyond controlling her assault with their empty ends.”

And to make matters, she posted false allegations to Facebook and tried to transform herself into a victim. She’s since reportedly pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor charges, including assault on a police officer.

This young lady is now at a crossroads. Either she can continue treading down the dark path currently ahead of her or she can wake up and change course. I hope for her sake she chooses the latter option.

Article Sources:Conservative Tribune

Video Credit: Video Leak Police/Youtube

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