Girl Said She Heard God Tell Her To Check The Bushes, Now She’s Being Called A Hero

A 9-year-old girl received a miraculous signal from God which tells her to check the bushes which led her to amazing discovery and become a hero.

One day in rural Indiana, when the sun was shining and the sky was blue, a 9-year-old girl felt something. It was not a normal feeling like joy, anger, or disgust – but something bigger, grander. It compelled Elysia Laub to leave her home and walk into her backyard. She knew it was crazy to listen to the “voice in her head,” but Laub also knew that sometimes God sent messages in strange ways.

The sound she heard was crying and she amazingly found a little newborn baby who was abandoned in her bushes. She couldn’t understand why anyone would ever put their baby in a bush so she assumed it was a battery operated doll or a pig. The baby’s legs were just kicking away, she couldn’t deny it any longer, this was a baby. The poor little baby was just abandoned by her mother after she gave birth because the baby still had her umbilical cord and placenta attached.

The caring little girl knew that she needed to do something and get help for this little baby. The little girl ran inside to get her mom, who didn’t believe her. I mean, who leaves a baby in the bushes?? But sadly, it was true. Elysia’s mom wrapped the baby up in a blanket and called 911.

And because this 9-year-old guardian angel listened to the call of God, she was able to save the life of the newborn baby, who has been nicknamed “Miracle Jane Doe.”

The police rushed right over because this was an emergency, unlike anything they had ever experienced before in this rural part of Indiana. When they did some tests, they concluded that Miracle Jane Doe had been abandoned for at least several hours before Elysia heeded the voice of God and found the child.

Not only was the newborn abandoned, she suffered sun burns and was covered with bugs. Police knew then that she had been dumped after delivery.

Sherriff John Buncich said, “[It’s] a miracle that Elysia was out there to find her.”

When asked about how she had found the baby, Elysia gave all the credit to God.

“If I wasn’t there and God didn’t tell my brain if my brain didn’t make me go over there, we would find a dead baby in the yard this afternoon,” Elysia said. “It would be much worse and much different.”

And Mrs. Laub completely agrees with her little guardian angel.

“This is a miracle that we found her. God really put my daughter out there to get to save this baby. She is fine.” Mrs. Laub says.

Police hope to find Miracle Jane Doe’s real mother. And Mrs. Laub and Elysia ask everyone to keep the newborn in our prayers.

“If we’d have gone out there even an hour or two later, with the 90-degree weather, she wouldn’t have made it,” she said. “It’s a miracle she survived, and I pray (the birth mother) gets the help she needs, because she’s clearly hurting, too.”

Sources: AWM

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