Girl Nearly Goes Blind and Died After Tinting Her Eyebrows [PHOTOS]

No one knows how painful keeping your eyebrows in check can be more than this 16-year-old beauty student.Tylah Durie has tried plucking and waxing her way to the perfect eyebrows. But what she wanted now was to tint them.

Unfortunately, she decided to go to her on her own instead of going to an actual salon and then something horrible happened.Using some store-bought dye, Tylah wound up having the worst allergic reaction ever. So instead of sporting darker brows, the area became extremely swollen, and her eyes became filled with puss. She even described her as “looking like a frog.

The poor teen began taking side-by-side photos revealing the shocking chemical reaction on her eyebrows.It was definitely not a pretty sight, but what Tylah wanted more than anything was to look like her normal, beautiful self again.

Ironically, this tinting experiment-gone-wrong did not start off that way.Tylah said that everything seemed perfectly fine at first. “It looked really good and I was really pleased with it,” she added

About 30 minutes after she had applied the dye, everything started to change for the worse.
Tylah started to feel a slight itch, which she did not really give much thought about at first. Then the itching got worse and it was followed by a burning sensation.

When the symptoms first began to manifest themselves, she really did not know what was going on.
What she did not realize was that she was having a severe allergic reaction to a chemical in the dye called paraphenylenediamine.

Although Tylah’s condition seemed serious, the reaction did not leave any permanent damage.
After being rushed to the hospital, doctors were able to treat her with antihistamines to make the swelling go down.

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