• May 24, 2024

Mom Had More Important Things To Do, 2yo Girl Left With Dead Toddler FOR DAYS

 Mom Had More Important Things To Do, 2yo Girl Left With Dead Toddler FOR DAYS

A toddler died after his mother left him and his 2-year-old sister alone for nine days to spend time with her lover.

Vladislava Podchapko reportedly left her two children alone with no food for nine days — resulting in the death of her son. Her 2-year-old daughter was left alone with her brother’s body for three days. The boy was 23 months old and died from hunger.

After the children were discovered in the home, the girl was rushed to the hospital where she was miraculously saved.

“The girl was exhausted, she was very weak,” a doctor told the Daily Mail. “She was immediately taken into [the] hospital where we started intravenous feeding. She is better now and we can say that she will live. We have started her on tiny amounts of solid food.”

When the mother — who is said to be pregnant with her third child — was questioned by police, she seemed oblivious to the fact that her children could starve to death in her absence.

“I didn’t know that children could die,” she told authorities.

Authorities were alerted to the home after neighbors heard the children screaming out of desperation, the Daily Mirror reported. Wallpaper was ripped from the walls as a result of the children trying to escape. They were reportedly malnourished and terrified.

The horrifying story went viral, with many people expressing their anger and disgust toward the mother for her selfish actions.

“Disgusting. The woman clearly has deep mental issues. Poor poor kids.”

Another Mail reader shared their thoughts:

I believe in the death penalty. But this woman should NOT be put to death. She should be handed over to those women out there who want children and cannot have them, those who believe that a MUM is one that cares, loves and makes sure her babies are warm, loved, fed and clean ….. and to those like me who would want to TEAR THIS thing LIMB FROM LIMB!!! I hope she is locked in a cage and and is left to have a slow agonisingly painful death! She deserves nothing better!!!!

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