Gigi Hadid Almost Pops Out of Her Shirt: Talk About Sightseeing [SLIDESHOW and VIDEO]

Gigi Hadid went for a casual walk in New York City and observers watched intently, hoping to catch the moment her breasts made a daring escape from her shirt.  There is no proof that ever happened but I’m sure many enjoyed the view anyway.

Gigi opened up about her life to Harper’s Bazaar:

“My boyfriend’s really into aliens,” Gigi Hadid tells me in a conference room at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida—a hairstylist, a manicurist, and a makeup artist tending to her like blue jays fluttering around a cartoon princess.

It’s barely 7 a.m., and she’s running on four hours’ sleep, having flown in from Paris the night before. She’s wearing leather pants and a neon-orange long-sleeved tee emblazoned with lyrics from the latest single by said boyfriend, former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Hadid, 22, is perhaps the most famous model in the world. According to Forbes, she earned $9 million in 2016; she has more than 33 million followers on Instagram; and last year she was named International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council.

Having conquered runways, magazine covers, and print campaigns, Hadid is now designing as well, launching two capsule collections with Tommy Hilfiger and a boot collaboration with Stuart Weitzman.

H/T Harper’s Bazaar and Daily Caller

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