Frontline Doctor Sentenced to 60 Days in Prison For Being Inside U.S. Capitol on January 6th!

The entire January 6 committee and the drama that the left is drumming up over it is completely disproportionate to what occurred that day.

No one seemed to care one bit when peaceful protesters were literally burning down cities or when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was being confirmed and a group of protesters stormed the Capitol.

Nope, that was fine since it fit into the left’s vile agenda.

Anyone watching January 6, knows that there was no “riot” happening in the Capitol.

The doors were opened by the police and the people outside the Capitol walked in, following the ropes, and were seen taking selfies and chatting with the Capitol police.

There were no guns or any sort of violence happening that would even warrant such an investigation to this level.

However, that is not what will keep the left’s base fomenting with anger and division.

They need to keep everyone focused on January 6 since the Democrats are pathetic and have nothing to run on with midterms coming soon.

What will they run on?

The booming economy?

The high gas prices?

Or maybe they can run on drag queens reading books to kindergarteners to teach “diversity and inclusion.”

It is a sham, but that isn’t stopping them from doing and ruining good people for even being in the vicinity of the Capitol that day.

For example, they just sentenced Frontline Doctor, Simone God to 60 days in prison for being inside the Capitol.

I thought that this was the people’s house?

Why are they arresting and sentencing anyone for being in the House that is supposed to represent the people?

Gold, a former emergency room doctor and critical opponent of authoritarian COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates was charged with one misdemeanor count of “entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds” for being in the U.S. Capitol building as protesters objected to the certification of the 2020 election and some engaged in violence and property damage.

“According to her attorney, Kira Anne West, Gold pleaded guilty to standing “with a crowd outside the East Rotunda door, where she eventually entered shortly after about 2:27 p.m. along with her co-defendant John Strand. She remained inside the Capitol for about a little over half an hour. Around 2:55 p.m. she gave a speech at Statuary Hall stating her opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates and government-imposed lockdowns,” MedPage reported.

West also acknowledged that “multiple law enforcement officers had to intervene before she (Gold) stopped giving her speech and left Statuary Hall.”

In addition to being sentenced to 60 days behind bars, Gold also faces 12 months of supervised release and $9,500 in fines, which CNN noted is “the largest fine imposed to date among the almost 200 rioters who have been sentenced.”

Left-wing media outlets have accused Gold, who is scheduled to appear at LifeSite’s 25th anniversary gala in August, of spreading “misinformation” for challenging the prevailing COVID-19 narrative. Far-left outlet Mother Jones has characterized her as an “insurrectionist” for being present to give a speech on January 6.

However, AFLD noted Thursday that “unlike the vast majority of January 6th protesters, Dr. Gold was not even there for political reasons.”

Instead, Gold, who had participated in a press conference on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in July 2020 where she blasted the authoritarianism of the COVID-19 response, attended the January 6 rally to continue her work advocating for medical freedom and free speech, according to an AFLD press release shared with LifeSiteNews.

According to the press release, Gold had been “scheduled to speak on January 6th alongside numerous other presenters after President Trump’s appearance at the rally, which had a government-approved permit.”

“At her expected start time, Dr. Gold was then told all speeches were suddenly canceled without explanation. Upon hearing this, Dr. Gold was amongst thousands swept into the Capitol building when the doors were opened from the inside, with law enforcement officers ushering people in. While there, Dr. Gold realized it was the only remaining moment to deliver her message to those who came to hear it, and so she gave her remarks there.”

The AFLD press release noted that “when an officer asked her to leave, she did.”

The media coverage post January 6 showed violent scenes but that was not Dr. Gold’s observation of the day. Subsequently, Dr. Gold was arrested and prosecuted for entry into the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Dr. Gold reached a plea agreement for entering a restricted building. Her sentencing is scheduled today, June 16, 2022. Dr. Gold did express regret for entry into the Capitol building but is facing the consequences of free speech in modern day America. Like most January 6 defendants, she is a victim of selective prosecution – the defining feature of corrupted governments.

For comparison’s sake, consider that there were hundreds of arrests for violent protests in association with President Trump’s Inauguration in 2017. The government subsequently dropped all of those charges, including charges against people who were actually disrupting Congress from inside the Congressional gallery while Congress was in session. With the January 6 arrests, the government has not only not dropped the charges of nonviolent persons in public spaces, such as Dr. Gold, it has aggressively violated defendants’ civil rights at nearly every turn. There are innumerable well-documented instances of January 6 defendants not receiving due process noted in the book January 6 authored by Julie Kelly. For example, some defendants have been held in prison for nearly 18 months pretrial. In Dr. Gold’s case, she peacefully gave a speech on medical freedom in the public Rotunda. This resulted in the government violently arresting her by breaking down her door, sending 20 SWAT officers (including 12 of them with AR15 guns pointing at her from two feet away), loss of freedom, loss of movement and loss of other Constitutionally protected civil rights. Such inequitable treatment based upon political preference shows the collapse of the rule of law. For people interested in learning the truth about January 6, please watch Capitol Punishment.


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