For Some Reason, The FBI Just Tweeted Out A TON Of PHOTOS FROM 9/11


The FBI Records Vault twitter account posted a link Thursday, containing 27 photos of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

The photos detail the initial response to the terrorist attack as well as the investigation carried out by F.B.I. officials in the aftermath.

You can view them all below.

9-11-pentagon-overhead 9-11-pentagon-overhead-2 9-11-pentagon-overhead-1 9-11-pentagon-interior 9-11-pentagon-interior-13 9-11-pentagon-interior-12 9-11-pentagon-fbi-team 9-11-pentagon-fbi-6 9-11-pentagon-fbi-5 9-11-pentagon-fbi-4 9-11-pentagon-fbi-3 9-11-pentagon-fbi-2 9-11-pentagon-exterior-9 9-11-pentagon-exterior-8 9-11-pentagon-exterior-7 9-11-pentagon-exterior-6 9-11-pentagon-exterior-5 9-11-pentagon-exterior-4 9-11-pentagon-exterior-3 9-11-pentagon-exterior-2 9-11-pentagon-exterior-1 9-11-pentagon-emergency-reponse 9-11-pentagon-emergency-reponse-3 9-11-pentagon-emergency-reponse-2 9-11-pentagon-debris 9-11-pentagon-debris-2 9-11-pentagon-debris-1


E. Goldstein

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