FOOTAGE REVEALS What’s Happening To Joe Biden Is Clearly Elder Abuse!

On Thursday, Biden made an odd remark during his speech at the White House’s Cinco de Mayo event, the Bidens hosted Mexico’s first lady, as part of their festivities.

And of course, we can’t go a day without Joe Biden making a mess of something; Joe Biden’s gaffes overshadowed everything!

Every single day that Joe Biden gets in front of a camera, there’s another ordeal to talk about. Another misconstrued sentence, another stammering line, another lie, or a mistruth, and every day the media ignores all the foolish nonsense from Biden and pretends that all of this is perfectly normal.

We’re all supposed to act as if it’s perfectly normal for the so-called “President of the United States of America” to sound like a bumbling fool.

It’s not normal, none of this, that even his wife Jill knew.

Biden was speaking to an audience in the Rose Garden of the White House during his remarks, Biden stammered as usual and left people wondering what would he said,

“And we’ll conquer and honor and lift up…eh…the, all those folks who, in fact, uh, are, have gotten in the way,” he said.

And the looks of His wife Jill beside him says it all, a “knowing” look, well, no one knows  Biden better than his wife Jill.

Still, Biden needs a huge teleprompter because he can’t comprehend or ad-lib like most people. It doesn’t appear to be so much about vision as him not understanding what he’s saying.

Biden will always make head-scratching remarks.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“LOL Jill’s face tho! She knows”

Was that an eye roll by Jill?”

“Another well-written speech goes down the drain.”

“Remember when the left told us that Donald Trump would embarrass the US on the world stage? lol”

“This isn’t even funny anymore.”

“Thanks a lot Jill, this is actually all your fault”

“At least Trump knows what he wants to say”

“Nothing to see here, folks. No cognitive decline. No impairment. Just regular old Joe.”

“If Trump did this, the media would be talking about it non-stop, 24/7. But because it’s Biden they ignore it”

“We deserve to know more about Biden’s current medical condition and a cognitive test. Jill is mortified on the inside but the show must go on. So creepy.”

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