Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala Accuses Police of Racial Profiling: She Lies Like a Dog [VIDEO]

Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala, who steadfastly refused to do her duties as State Attorney has been caught lying through her teeth about being racially profiled thanks to video made at the time of her being stopped by police.

Ayala is the state attorney who refused to ask for the death penalty and forced Gov Rick Scott to take 23 death penalty cases away from her and reassign them.  She sued, claiming that the governor didn’t have the power to do that but the judge handling the case bitch slapped her and sent her packing.

Recently she was stopped after police did a routine check on her car’s plates and they discovered they weren’t in the system. The police also noted that her tinting on her car appeared to be too dark and not in compliance with state law.

 Two Orlando Police Officers stopped State Attorney Aramis Ayala on June 19, and they are now facing accusations of racial profiling. Video of the traffic stop is below.

Two days after the traffic stop, Orlando PD uploaded a copy of the bodycam footage to YouTube as an unlisted video. That is, nobody can find the video unless they have a direct link.

It’s not clear what prompted the video to be uploaded, or how it became publicly distributed. It seems likely that the video was requested by somebody who was aware of the traffic stop, who then distributed the video in an attempt to smear the officers.

During her traffic stop, the bodycam video shows no evidence of racial profiling. People with no knowledge of the law have been giving their own legal analysis, claiming that the stop was unlawful.

The officer cited the reason for the stop being that Ayala’s license plate didn’t show up in the state database and that her window tinting appeared too dark.

Aramis Ayala’s license plate likely didn’t come back with a record in the state database because, as a public official, she may have applied for a plate which didn’t have her personal information attached.

Not having a record in the state database provided the officer with reasonable suspicion that the plate may not be real. Reasonable suspicion does not require officers to discount all possibilities in order to stop somebody to investigate.

As soon as the officer received a reasonable explanation from Ayala (that she’s a State Attorney,) he ended the stop.

Many are also questioning officers’ ability to randomly run license plates. It is established by case law, and in compliance with laws and policies on criminal justice databases, that police officers are allowed to randomly run license plates. This allows them to locate stolen vehicles, check if the plate registration is expired, etc.

H/T Blue Lives Matter

The video disputes the accusations of race baiter Ayala:


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