• April 17, 2024

Florida Man Changes Facebook Pic to Wanted Poster, Gets Arrested

 Florida Man Changes Facebook Pic to Wanted Poster, Gets Arrested

On Tuesday a Florida man was arrested after he changed his Facebook profile picture to the local authorities’ “Wanted of the Week” poster.

After parsing through social media accounts, police saw the wanted photo and identified the suspect in a disturbance reported from Monday night.

The 42-year old man named Mack Yearwood was apprehended because a police officer correctly pointed out that he had two outstanding warrants for his arrest: violating probation on two counts of battery, according to the Palm Beach Post.


At the time this post was written, the Facebook profile picture was still accessible. Yearwood’s friends and family provide various reactions to his decision to make the “wanted” advertisement his profile picture.

“This isn’t real is it uncle Mack (five “confused” face emoji’s),” a presumed niece asked.

“Nice mug shot,” another Facebook friend wrote, in which Yearwood replied, “Thanks buddy!”

“I need about ten grand bud!” Yearwood also commented on his own profile picture.

When Yearwood was found by police, he asked if he was allowed to put a pair of jeans on. A bag of marijuana subsequently fell out of his pants pocket.

Along with the two warrants, Yearwood is being charged with possession of marijuana under 20 grams.


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