Florida Man ARRESTED For Attempting Sick Violent Crime On Two Year Old….

On October 17, a Florida guy was babysitting his 2-year-old cousin and was accused of trying to “circumcise” him.
Timothoes Powell, 29, was caring for the kid while his working mom and napping grandma slept.

At approximately 7 o’clock that evening, Powell reportedly called the child’s mother to tell her that he was “bleeding from his penis area as glass had entered his diaper.”

Fox 35 received an incident report, which is where this information came from.

According to him, the skin was broken as he was trying to wipe the glass clean.

The boy was taken to the hospital, and his skin was glued, but staff reported the incident to police because they “feared some type of abuse was happening at the residence,” according to the police report.

Fox 35 reports:

The home had surveillance cameras inside, which showed Powell changing the boy’s diaper and then walking away with an unknown object in his hand, police said. The baby was seen screaming and crying before Powell returned to the put the diaper on.

Another video showed Powell apparently “frustrated” as he manipulated the boy’s diaper, the report said. Other footage from the day allegedly showed Powell yelling at the toddler, squirting him with a water bottle and threatening to put soap in his mouth if he wasn’t quiet.

Powell told police, “he may have pulled (the boy’s) penis downward with too much force” and that he had started “to wipe him very hard,” but that he had not meant to cut the boy.

The Child Protection Team’s advanced practice nurse disagreed with Powell, saying the wound was too clean for it to have occurred accidentally.

They speculated that he “might have been circumcised.”

The bond for Powell’s release from the Volusia County Branch Jail is set at $100,000.



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