• July 22, 2024

COME ON! Fauci Has Just Flip Flopped AGAIN!

 COME ON! Fauci Has Just Flip Flopped AGAIN!

Dr. Fauci has been in over his head since this pandemic began over a year ago with his absurd recommendations to combat the virus. Fauci has gone from saying we need lockdowns, wearing one mask, two masks, pantyhose over the mask, and then back to one mask. The guy wouldn’t know how to fight himself out of a wet paper bag and he is in charge of leading the American people in this supposed pandemic.

Since Fauci doesn’t know what he is doing he has decided to adopt other ideas in combating the virus including former Trump adviser Scott Atlas.

Fauci told CNN that there will likely be new CDC guidance on wearing masks outdoors because the risk of catching Covid is “very low” outdoors. Of course, we knew this already. However, when Fauci says it, the left-wing networks worship him like some sort of all-knowing God.

“The risk when you’re outdoors – which we have been saying all along – is extremely low,” Fauci, told. “And if you are vaccinated, it’s even lower. So you’re going to be hearing about those kinds of recommendations soon,” the far-left “Doctor” told CNN.

Philip Wegmann of RealClearPolitics reacted perfectly:

Here’s more on the extraordinary double standard from The Federalist:

“Dr. Scott Atlas was one of the first and only voices in the COVID fight who pushed back on masking outdoors and questioned the dominant narrative that conquering the virus required a fear-filled approach.

“Why in the world would you wear a mask if you’re riding your bicycle all alone outside? Why in the world would you wear a mask if you’re in your own car driving? Why in the world would you wear a mask if you’re in the desert all alone?” Atlas told Real Clear Politics in October.

The mouthpieces at the CDC, however, were clearly opposed to Atlas’s thinking. During the 2020 lockdowns and reopening controversies, former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said that “everything [Atlas] says is false.””

So if Dr. Atlas makes a recommendation, the liberal media automatically sees it as “bad”.

However, when Fauci makes that same exact recommendation, it is treated as gospel.

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