First Grader is Asked About His Mom..She’s 13 and Loves to Eat Penus

A first grade teacher handed out worksheets for a simple assignment for her class to answer questions about their mother.  On the worksheet, the students had to give their mother’s age, hair and eye color and what her favorite food is.  But as is often the case with small children grammar and spelling errors can create some really funny answers.  In this particular case it was very embarrassing.  But it is also fair because once he becomes a teenager, his mother will constantly embarrass him.  “Would you like to see a picture of my Tommy naked in the bathtub?”

 The assignment, titled ‘All about my mom’, asked the children to fill in the blanks in four sentences, giving details about their mothers such as their age, occupation, and favorite food.

As shown in the photo, the child in question completed one sentence to read: ‘She loves to eat penus’, presumably instead of ‘peanuts’.

In response, the teacher simply wrote down the legume’s name under the student’s reply—although internet users promptly came up with their own witty retorts.
The young student, whose exact age hasn’t been revealed but who is probably around five given that he or she is in first grade, made another couple of amusing mistakes in the assignment.

Asked to write down their mom’s age, the first-grader claimed she is 13 years old.

After one—impeccably spelled—line indicating that the mom has brown eyes and black hair, the child went on to try to described their mother’s job, and apparently explained she works on a ‘9peld’.

H/T The Mail Online


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