Federal Court Allows Michael Brown’s Lying Friend to Sue Ferguson.

Dorian Johnson, who lied about the confrontation between Officer Darren Wilson and thug Michael Brown is suing the City of Ferguson and Officer Wilson.  it was Johnson’s lie that started the “Hands up, Don’t shoot” nonsense.  Other witnesses and forensics both proved that Johnson is an unabashed liar and the reading of his complaint, proves that the leopard hasn’t changed his spots.

Johnson makes the claim that he was detained illegally.  First of all Johnson was stopped with Brown for illegally walking in the middle of the street, he was with Brown who had just robbed a convenience store.  But, secondly and more important, Johnson ran from the scene which he could not have done if he was being detained.

The Eighth Circuit Court approved of the lawsuit by claiming that:

“the law was sufficiently clear” that “a reasonable officer in Officer Wilson’s position would not have shot his gun,”

Federal judges should be barred from smoking from opium pipes during deliberations.  The shooting of Michael Brown was investigated seven ways to sundown and even investigative organizations like the DOJ, under Eric Holder, who wanted to hang Officer Wilson from the highest tree were forced to admit that Wilson acted properly while under attack by the thug.

 On Tuesday, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided that Darren Wilson and Thomas Jackson were not immune from the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is based off of the premise that Officer Wilson illegally detained Dorian Johnson and Michael Brown after he pulled his SUV in front of them.

Johnson was walking with Brown after Brown had just robbed a convenience store. When Officer Darren Wilson arrived, Brown attacked the officer while Johnson ran away.

Now Johnson claims that he was illegally detained, even though there was reasonable suspicion to detain him, and Johnson fled the scene so he never acknowledged that he was being detained. The officers’ lawyer made a motion to have the case thrown out, because Johnson’s movements weer never restrained.

The 8th Circuit panel said that according to Johnson’s version of events, “the law was sufficiently clear” that “a reasonable officer in Officer Wilson’s position would not have shot his gun,” according to ABC News. It’s not clear what that has to do with Johnson claiming his civil rights were violated while he was running away to avoid a detention.

H/T Blue Lives Matter

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