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Father Rapes Young Daughters – And Then The Situation Takes An Even More Sick Turn

 Father Rapes Young Daughters – And Then The Situation Takes An Even More Sick Turn

After many years of denying he raped and purposefully infected his two stepdaughters with HIV, the man accused of the crimes has changed his plea to guilty on the second day of his trial.

The British stepfather, now 60, has full AIDS as he awaits sentencing in the case on multiple charges, including rape of a child under 13, sexual assault, and attempted rape. He is not being tried for passing on HIV as it is considered a lesser crime in the United Kingdom and carries a shorter sentence, reports International Business Times.

The man reportedly raped his stepdaughters while fully aware that he had HIV. The girls contracted the virus at around the ages of 11 and 14, respectively.

It was not until the older girl, now 22, became pregnant with her boyfriend’s child that she discovered she had HIV. A routine antenatal blood test revealed her diagnosis.

“When the midwife said I was HIV positive my world fell apart,” she said. “The abuse had stayed a secret for so long. In that moment, everything came back to punch me in the stomach. I felt disgusting, dirty and inhuman.”

However, because she was found to have HIV early on in the pregnancy, she was able to take drugs to prevent the virus passing on in the womb. Her son was born free of the virus.

Her younger sister, now 12, was also tested and found to be HIV positive.

The now 22-year-old victim told Mirror that the abuse began when she was 12 and her stepfather kissed her on the sofa while her mother was in the kitchen.

She told him to stop but says that only instigated him.

“I’d been in the bath one night a few weeks later and he knew I’d be getting ready for bed so he came into my room,” the woman recounts. “I tried to tell him to leave but he forced me down on to the bed and ripped my towel away before raping me. I had no choice. I was terrified. After that, he made excuses for me to sleep in his bed with him every night and told mum to sleep with my little sister in case she had nightmares. He bought me a ring which he told me to wear like an engagement ring as if I was his fiancée, not his child.”

When she was 13, she became pregnant with his child. He claimed she had been sleeping around at school and made her have a secret abortion.

Social services visited the home multiple times but they always interviewed her in front of her stepfather and she was too scared to say anything about the abuse.

Her mother reportedly did not believe it was happening.

“She said I was making it up,” the victim said. “It felt like the biggest betrayal. I had plucked up the courage but she was choosing him over me.”

“I don’t have anything to do with my mum any more,” she added. “We don’t live far away from each other so we still see each other at family events but I can’t forgive her for not believing me. I have my partner’s mum now, who is more of a mother to me. My sister has been taken into care so she has foster parents now.”

The woman is very happy now that her stepfather has confessed as it means police no longer have to keep her and her sister separated so they cannot match up their stories.

“When he changed his plea to guilty, I was relieved not just because of the result but because it meant I could see her again,” she said. “Now all this is over I’m going to be there for her until the end.”

Sources: MirrorInternational Business Times

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