Father Looks Inside Son’s Diaper After He Won’t Stop Crying, Makes Horrific Discovery (photos)

Couples were shocked and horrified after discovering slivers of razor sharp metal inside their baby’s diaper.

Michelle Yates, 29, of Liverpool, England became concerned when 5-month-old Gabriella was crying constantly and then realized the reason why.

According to the Daily Mirror, Yates found cuts on the tot’s bum and says she was “shocked, appalled and disgusted” when she found the lumps of metal in the diaper.

Lee and Michelle Yates with their baby in the center

Michelle Yates took the matters to Facebook with photos and accusations about the danger brought by the diapers she bought in Asda (popular supermarket chain in England). The Facebook post been shared almost 36,000 times in two days.

“DANGER! We are appalled that Pampers baby-dry size 4 nappies bought from Asda have turned out to have shards of RAZOR SHARP METAL embedded in the inner core,” Yates wrote on her Facebook wall.

“Our baby has been crying sharply and in pain for days since we bought them, and has cuts on her bottom.”,she added.

Michelle was worried her daughter may have contracted septicaemia after the shocking discovery.

Michelle’s husband Lee Yates, 33, said: “We were absolutely outraged and shocked that this had happened.

“What makes matters worse is that my daughter was born five weeks premature and has a low immune system, so having a dirty piece of metal scratching at her bottom could have given her septicaemia.” He added.

He said he suspected the metal came from a faulty piece of machinery used in the manufacturing process.

The couple contacted Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Pampers diapers, to make a complaint, the Daily Mail reports.

Pampers contacted the family and asked that they send the remainder of the pack of diapers back to the company.

“Customer safety is our priority and we are in touch with the family and working to resolve this,” a Pampers representative said, according to Daily Mirro

“This is very serious for us and very important for us to follow this through,” the representative added. “We are making sure the family are alright and the baby is well. As soon as we know anything else we will comment further.”

An Asda representative told the Daily Mail, “We take complaints of this nature very seriously and are in contact with Pampers.

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Photo Credits: Facebook: Michelle YatesDaily Mirror

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