Father Gives Goodbye Kiss To Daughter Killed By Mom

“Goodbye, my darling daughter,” a father was forced to kiss his 2-year-old daughter goodbye before she died as his ex-wife and her new lover were arrested for the tragic toddler’s murder.

Arina and her father (Left), Arina's mom and her BF (Right)
Arina and her father (Left), Arina’s mom and her BF (Right)

The incident took place in the Northwestern Slovenian town of Jesenice, where the girl lived with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend.

In the hospital, Senad Kardasevic was given one last chance to kiss his little girl Arina before she passed away after having fatal injuries two days earlier.

Sanda Alibabic, Arina’s mother, was alleged of beating her own daughter to death in her home in Jesenice, Slovenia, with the help of her boyfriend, Mirzan Jakupi.

Kardasevic was on his way to visit his daughter Arina when he got a call from doctors telling him she was in a hospital’s intensive care unit after her ex-wife called an ambulance and told paramedics that the two-year-old girl had accidentally ran into a radiator.

However, it shows that the toddler was in agony, with broken bones, and a very badly bruised body. Her face was severely swollen and she needed immediate medical attention, leading doctors to become suspicious and call the police.

The images of Senad crying in his little girl’s bedside as she was wrapped up in bandages and hooked up to a breathing machine went viral and have shocked the country, with many taking to social media to demand justice.

Two days later Arina died in hospital and the officers arrested the coulple, Sanda and Mirzan, for allegedly committing murder.

While the police finish their investigation, the couple is held in custody but they are expected to be charged with murder.

Child abuse is a serious topic but mostly it takes place between a father and his children. While the concept of unconditional motherly love might be embedded on us as a society, there are also mothers who fall far short of what it means to be a truly good parent.

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