Father Cut Off Man’s Hands After Finding Out What He Did To His 7-Month-Old Baby

In 2014, a 7-month-old baby girl was raped by a 14-year-old boy in Punjab, India. Three years later, the suspect, now 17, finally went to court. But for some unknown reason, the hearing was postponed. Can you imagine being this girl’s family? They waited three years to have their day in court only to have the hearing postponed.

Well, the father, Parminder Singh, 25, of the girl had enough. He offered the teenage rapist a ride back to town on his motorcycle. He was able to get the boy to agree to the ride because he had offered to make an out-of-court settlement with him.

Instead of taking him to town (or offering a settlement), Singh drove to a canal and tied the teenager to a tree. Then he cut him, beat him, and sliced off both of his hands. Some people nearby heard the boy screaming and ran over.

Singh, was not at the scene when the police arrived and had been charged with attempted murder. If it weren’t for them, the boy would have died. The images show the boy wrapped in bandages and his pants covered in blood.

This sort of vengeance is rather common in sexual assault cases in India. The court system is very slow in these matters and families just want something to be done.

In a separate case, also in 2014, a father tortured and killed the person who raped his daughter and then turned himself in.

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