• June 15, 2024

Father Caught Babysitter Raping 1yo Daughter, Takes Justice Into His Own Hands [PHOTO]

 Father Caught Babysitter Raping 1yo Daughter, Takes Justice Into His Own Hands [PHOTO]

A Missouri man has been charged with statutory sodomy of a one-year-old, but not before he received a beating from the infant’s father.

Jayson Newlun, 26, accused of molesting a 1-year-old girl was tackled, hit with a dresser, and punched several times by the child’s father before his arrest in Kansas City, Missouri, last week, according to police.

Jayson was a family friend who was babysitting for friends, was caught inappropriately touching the child while pleasuring himself after being left alone with the baby for just 10 to 15 minutes.

Court documents show that the mother and father had left Mr Newlun alone with their daughter while they went to the store. After realizing that they had forgotten their WIC folder – which contains vouchers to assist low income families pay for food for children – they returned home.

In the bedroom, she saw Mr Newlun take an inappropriate photograph of their daughter before masturbating while touching the little girl’s private parts.

According to investigators from FOX News Report, after the infant’s mom caught Newlun allegedly sexually assaulting the child, she alerted the infant’s father, who then brutally attacked him.

A neighbor stepped in to stop the attack.

A mug shot of Mr Newlun shows him battered and bruised from the attack, with a black eye bleeding blood.

The child’s mother said that before the officers arrived, she told Newlun, “I hope you go down for this.” He replied, “I do too,” Fox News Reported.

Prosecutors have requested a $250,000 bond for Mr Newlun’s release.

Article Sources: Opposing Views, DailyMail Fox News  /Photo Credit: Clay County Jail via DailyMail

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