Family Trapped in Home: Is This the World’s Largest Spider? [VIDEO]

Lauren Ansell from Mount Coolum in Queensland posted a picture of a Huntsman spider that is as big as a dinner plate that had her family trapped inside their house.  Because of it’s enormous size, they named it Aragog after the giant spider in the Harry Potter books.  Lauren’s partner was outside trying to cook when Aragog appeared.  They say he has a terrible disposition and didn’t like it when they tried to shoo it away.

 An enormous spider has given a couple an almighty fright as it appeared on their glass door as they were trying to cook food.

Lauren Ansell from Mount Coolum in Queensland posted a photo of a monster huntsman spider nicknamed ‘Aragog’ that appeared on the outside of the window where her partner was attempting to cook dinner.

Ms Ansell said the spider appeared harmless, but did not take kindly after the pair attempted to move it from the glass.

‘My partner was on the outside trying to cook our food. We didn’t want to kill it, but it didn’t like us for trying to move it along,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘It’s still alive and happy. I nicknamed it Aragog.’

Ms Ansell said once she posted the photo of the spider on her Facebook her friends could not believe what was pictured.

Since the post the spider has found a new home and the couple have not seen it since.

‘It’s in the garden and we haven’t seen it since,’ she said.

‘It’s massive and was mean, but it’s alive and we didn’t want to kill it.’

H/T The Mail Online

'Aragog' appeared on the glass door while Lauren Ansell and her partner were cooking dinner

The massive spider did appear happy when they tried to move it off the door

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