Family Of Idaho Girl Attacked By 3 Muslims Are Now Tortured By Disturbing Revelation

Justice might finally be served for a 5-year-old girl who was reportedly sexually assaulted by Muslim refugee boys in Idaho, after almost a year of no progress in the case.

Lacy Peterson, her husband and daughter have been waiting for justice for almost 10 months after the incident occurred – which involved two Iraqi boys stripped the girl naked and molested her while a third boy filmed.

Thankfully, a resident of the apartment complex where the assault took place was alerted to the crime and it was able to stop before it got any worse.

“We have been treated horribly,” Lacy Peterson told World Net Daily of the treatment her family has received by the local media and even the county prosecutor. “The way I feel, our case has been pushed under the rug and soon to be forgotten about. Since June we moved into a house that we can hardly even afford. We were totally fine in the apartments until now. don’t think it’s fair that us Americans get to struggle and work hard and live paycheck-to-paycheck and pray to make bills. And the refugees get to have everything handed to them.”

Julie DeWolfe, a friend of the family who has been advocating for justice for Peterson’s daughter, Jayla, said she fears that justice might never be served.

“The rapists still attend public school with the community’s children and live at home with their families,” she said. “At this point, there is no justice for Jayla. There are fewer people fighting for her because refugee biased political figures have buried the issue, deceived the people through inaccurate statements, and postponed proceedings.”

Many readers were outraged by the lack of support for the family and the fact that local residents even believe the family made up the incident as a way to smear refugees.

“This just goes to show you the extent that has happened to this poor little girl and the disgusting things they did to her. Tell me what you would to these creeps if it was your 5 year old daughter was raped and urinated on? This type of behavior should never be condoned by any one with a modicum of common sense the girl was robbed of her innocence by these horrible young thugs and should be brought to justice and sentenced as harshly as possible,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“You would think that in Idaho that these young Muslim thugs would already be incarcerated for brutally raping a vulnerable five-year old mentally disabled little girl. These monsters learned this violence against young females was acceptable and were likely encouraged to attack non-Muslim girls from their parents and/or Inman in following the tenets of Islam. If they are U.S. citizens, prosecute to the full extent of the law both the minors and responsible adults. If refuges, deport immediately!!! A call for calm by local officials is one thing, but publicly supporting these Muslim thugs is unforgivable. Vote them out!!!” another added.

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  • If it was my daughter, I would probably end up in jail because I would have killed the bastards.

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